Auréline Dupuy was born in Lyon, France. She graduated from Strasbourg's Arts Décoratifs School in 1995.

Packing her brand-new Art and Design Master's Degree she headed-out to Canada. While working on interior design

projects in Montreal she decided to set-up her first multidisciplinary venture, Parousia Concept. At a time when the word

upcycling had just been invented Parousia's aim was to explore the relationship between cost and sentimental value,

transforming pieces of discarded furniture into functional art. Her work was on exhibition at New York city's SOFA.

Auréline moved back to France in 1999, her head filled with discoveries made in the New World, the most significant of

them being the ancient technique of art bookbinding, which ironically originated in Europe. This delicate craft makes

extensive use of fine leathers but it is the intricate patterns and nuances of fish skin that struck her creative nerve.

The double-edged design / art studio Xylobee was created in 2009 as way for Auréline to dedicate herself thoroughly to

her one and only love: Wood! This primordial material is used in all of its forms in her work. From raw tree trunks to

sawdust, always warm and sensual, wood is an essential formal link between Man and Earth. Among the first creations

to come out of the studio's atelier were Xylodolls, hand-turned wooden anthropomorphic toy-like sculptures.

Occupying a space between art and design, Auréline's collaboration with renowned Singapore-based interior designer

Isabelle Miaja spawned Rototems, wooden pillar-like geometric man-high sculptures made of five stacked rotating cubes.

Three Rototems are standing in the Novotel Mumbai Hotel lobby.

Auréline works and lives in the Lyon region in France

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